Stackup is a peer sharing community where developers, designers, marketers, etc. share what they're working on, what tools they use, etc. It's a pretty straightforward format--20 min or so on a dev stack in front of an audience of other devs.

This Stackup is focused on iOS applications. It will help audience members get to a place where they can say "Oh, I get what being a mobile dev at XYZ Company would be like and what I'd be working on, and with what tools..." and hopefully inspire great questions about best practices so peers can help each other out.


Andrew Boryk: Andrew is CTO at Lunchbox. Lunchbox's platform gives Restaurateurs the ability to build online ordering apps, websites, and kiosks both simply and affordably.

Leo Shemesh: Leo is CTO of Jackpocket. Jackpocket is a mobile-first startup helping to modernize state lotteries, with a mission to create a more convenient, fun and responsible way to play.

Julien Veneziano: Julien is Head of Engineering at Journey Meditation. Journey LIVE is a first-of-its-kind meditation app where people come together to join daily live-streamed group meditations guided by experienced and diverse teachers.

AuthorCharlie O'Donnell