Technical Entrepreneurship

This special edition StackUp will feature a technical talk about entrepreneurship. Speakers will discuss what it was like to start a company as a technical founder, to develop an executive team, to learn the business side, and other stories.


Dan Bentley: Dan is CEO of Windmill, a Developer Tools Startup in NYC. Before that, he was a Software Engineer at Google and Twitter, working on developer tools, open source, Google Sheets, and others. He has a check from Donald Knuth, has opened for the Who, and you probably don't want to get him started on why the metric system is bad.

Kurt Schrader: Kurt is currently co-founder and CEO at Clubhouse Software, where he's building software to help you build a better software company. Prior to Clubhouse he was CTO at Intent Media where he grew the engineering team from 1 person to 40 people. Prior to that he was a team lead at Thoughtworks and helped build engineering teams at several start-ups, including Collaborative Drug Discovery, Triggit, and Ten Ton Labs, where he was a co-founder.

AuthorCharlie O'Donnell