At this stackup, hear lead developers share their software development work with Javascript. Get an inside look into how New York City startups develop their dev strategy.

Speakers will discuss what makes their team unique, the dev challenges/constraints they come across, hacks and tips they are proud of, the company's long term technical strategies, unique tech choices they have made, etc.

Presenters from some of the best development teams in NYC:

Rolando Garcia, Senior Front End Engineer at Amplify: Amplify collaborates with educators to create rigorous and riveting learning for all students.

Dan Karney, CTO at Arturo: Arturo is an end to end solution for producing, playing, and monetizing Stories

Joel Zimmer, Senior Software Engineer at SquareSpace: Squarespace empowers people with creative ideas to succeed.

Rolando Garcia (Amplify)
StackUp Talk -- Aug 22, 2018

Joel Zimmer (SquareSpace)
StackUp Talk -- Aug 22, 2018

Dan Karney (Arturo)
StackUp Talk -- Aug 22, 2018

AuthorCharlie O'Donnell