6:30pm at StackOverflow, 110 William St., 28th Floor · New York, NY 10038

At this Stackup, hear lead technologists share best practices on security. Get an inside look into how New York City startups develop their security strategy.

Speakers will share security methodologies/philosophies, what makes their team unique, the challenges/constraints they come across, what has worked well/what hasn't, unique choices they have made, etc. This is a developers only event.

Some of our Presenters include:

  • Luka Kladaric, Sekura Consulting - Don’t get pwned in 2018 - webapp lockdown checklist. Luka will cover techniques that should be employed by anyone operating a website to minimize the risk of their website being used to harm its users.

  • John Edwards, Cybersecurity and IT consultant (https://johnedwards.io) - Don’t get pwned in 2018, Password Systems Checkup

  • Radu Sion, Private Machines - Tamper-proofing clouds and data centers

AuthorCharlie O'Donnell